The SFR Industry
has challenges.
Maximizing investment yield is crucial in a competitive and dynamic market — energy is the second highest cost for residents (after rent) and offers an opportunity
Residents care about environmental sustainability and financial efficiency — upgrading (Elevating) homes with smart energy technology increases resident satisfaction
Activist investors and regulators are increasing their demands on SFRs to improve ESG performance — home and resident energy data quantifies and communicates ESG progress
But there is a solution:

Elevation turns home energy into ancillary revenue by both reducing consumption and producing energy sustainably via solar. This is accomplished by Elevating homes with Curb energy monitoring, energy efficiency upgrades, and solar energy production and storage.

Residents are proud to live in Elevated Homes and feel better about their landlord too as they save money and reduce their environmental impact.Curb engages them by educating on ways to reduce consumption and showcasing the impact of solar energy production.

Curb precisely measures the amount of energy saved by Elevated Homes, as well as the renewable energy produced and stored by their solar system. This data along with resident behavior insights are compiled by Curb for reports to investors and regulators.
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