Energy Solutions for Utilities.

The future of energy depends on collaboration. Elevation is proud to partner with major electrical utility providers across the country to develop innovative energy saving solutions.

Virtual Power Plants.

Elevation’s innovative peak demand automation is designed to reduce and supplement the need to operate gas- or oil-powered peaker plants that utilities often leverage to help manage peak energy demands. 

Using smart home technology, Elevation’s peak demand automation shifts the hours of energy demand to off-peak hours to minimize grid impact during the highest demand hours, saving residents money and helping to offset the need for peaker plants simply with technology. 

Elevation’s state-of-the-industry algorithm allows customers to optimize for home comfort, bill savings, or a combination resulting in substantially higher levels of customer satisfaction than less sophisticated approaches.

Serving the “Underserved”.

Elevation caters solutions to the institutional single family rental industry allowing utilities to deploy programs to renters at scale and reducing the impact of programmatic cost shift onto underserved customer classes.  

This innovative approach also allows utility programs to scale much larger and be more coordinated than ad-hoc customer acquisition.

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