Year In Review.

2021 was a year of big change for Elevation. Amidst this growth and change, we also decided to deepen our commitment to have greater positive impact on our environment, our community, and our employees.

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On A Mission To Make An Impact.

The largest source of carbon emissions are from the fossil fuels used to generate electricity. At Elevation, we believe we all have a responsibility to use our electricity wisely. That’s why we go beyond solar to create an Elevated Home.

An Elevated Home not only produces new, clean energy, but it is smarter too: reducing the overall energy needed. As a result, our Elevated Homes have a smaller environmental footprint through lower carbon usage.

In 2021, Elevation’s customers helped to avoid 57,979 tons of CO2 or the equivalent of: 

  • 2.5 million trash bags

    of waste recycled instead of landfilled

  • 146 million miles

    not driven

  • 6.5 million gallons

    of gasoline not used

Source: EPA GreenHOUSE GAS Equivalencies Calculator
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Elevation Launches Curb M10, Expanding Home Energy Monitoring Device Product Line

Curb M10 offers continuous cellular connectivity and simplified installation while delivering real-time energy monitoring to individual residents and SFR operators

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A Home Energy Efficiency Audit Can Provide You Comfort And Savings

An energy efficiency audit can increase your savings and comfort while shifting your energy perspective.

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Elevation Announces Partnership with Arizona State University Sun Devil Athletics

As the preferred energy partner of Sun Devil Athletics, Elevation will engage with two million fans on the importance of home energy efficiency, energy monitoring, and solar energy production and storage.

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