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A More Efficient Home.

Do you feel hot or cold spots in your home? Do you have difficulty maintaining your ideal temperature? Do you have high energy bills? Those could be signs that your home is not as efficient as it could be. 

Seal and insulate your home for a more comfortable and controlled temperature year round. 

Our Energy Efficiency package starts with a Home Performance Assessment to: 

We Make It Easy.

Elevation is a fully integrated home energy solutions company. Every step of the process is done in-house and in communication with you.

  • Internal operations and installation crews

  • Solar Tracker app gives daily status updates

  • Dedicated Concierge to answer any questions

Frequently Asked Questions.

Why do I need to seal and insulate my home?

The cheapest energy is the energy not used. Reducing the amount of air that leaks in and out of your home is a cost-effective way to cut heating and cooling costs, improve durability, increase comfort, and create a healthier indoor environment.

How much insulation should I have in my attic?

Insulation levels are specified by R-Value. R-value is a measure of the insulation’s ability to resist heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating effectiveness. The recommended level for most attics is to insulate to R-38 or about 10 to 14 inches.

Do I need insulation above my garage?

Since most home’s HVAC systems usually don’t extend into the garage, insulating this area does little to change the cost of running the system. Insulating the attic above the garage may help keep temperatures in the garage a bit more stable, but it won’t have any appreciable effect on energy bills.

Why is my home so dusty?

If you have gaps or openings in your ducts, instead of air being blown into your attic, air will be sucked out of your attic. A normal attic can be filled with dust, dirt, insulation and other air contaminants that you don’t want circulating throughout your home.

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"I felt an immediate difference. The duct sealing and air sealing really helped with the comfort level in my home. This is a wonderful service."

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