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Elevation makes going solar simple. Our Energy Consultants walk you through the process and ensure that you have all the information you need. Thanks to solar tax credits, improved technology, and Elevation’s fully integrated team you are in the right hands for an Elevated solar experience.

Every solar investment with Elevation includes

High-quality, premium solar panels

Leading edge

Minimum 25-year warranties on products and labor

Award-winning service and dedicated Project Coordinator

home value

Project Coordinator

Elevation is a fully integrated home energy solutions company. Every step of the process is done in-house and in communication with you.

Frequently asked questions

Solar energy slows climate change, eliminates dependence on nonrenewable resources, saves water, reduces air pollution, decreases hazardous waste, and more!

That varies from home to home based on energy usage, solar exposure, and the size of the home, alongside a few other factors. For a quick estimate of your particular need, check out our Online Estimate.

Having solar panels on your home does not entirely get rid of your electric bill. Your home will still remain connected to the electric grid, and you will receive a monthly bill from your electric company. With most utilities, there is a fixed connection or service charge on your monthly statement that you will pay regardless of how little electricity you use. You will also be charged for any power pulled from the grid when your system is not producing.

If your solar system was recently installed, you may need to wait a few months to see the impact on your utility statement because utility bills are billed retroactively.

Solar access laws prevent HOAs from prohibiting solar panel installations however, HOAs can make certain requests about a system design.

Home Energy

The Way It Should Be.

Make Your Home More Comfortable.

Get rid of hot and cold spots in your home and maintain your ideal temperature more easily and efficiently.

Save Money on Your Electric Bill.

Whether you reduce or produce energy with Elevation, you are guaranteed to save.

Gain Control Over Your Energy Usage.

The cheapest and cleanest energy is unused energy. Real-time data tells you where you’re using your energy and helps you find savings.

Create a Lasting Impact on the Environment.

Elevation’s technology helps improve how you use energy in your home to create a more sustainable future.

Solar Energy Makes a Difference.

The largest generator of carbon emissions are the fossil fuels used to generate electricity. One year of solar on your home is the equivalent of 15.6 tons of CO2 avoided or:

4.8 tons

of garbage recycled

1,718,000 fewer

smartphones charged

35,495 miles

not driven

3.1 fewer

cars on the road


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