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    Get rid of hot and cold spots in your home and maintain your ideal temperature more easily and efficiently.

    Save Money on Your Electric Bill.

    Whether you reduce or produce energy with Elevation, you are guaranteed to save.

    Gain Control Over Your Energy Usage.

    The cheapest and cleanest energy is unused energy. Real-time data tells you where you’re using your energy and helps you find savings.

    Create a Lasting Impact on the Environment.

    Elevation’s technology helps improve how you use energy in your home to create a more sustainable future.

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    Ruth SharplesRuth Sharples
    19:11 06 Feb 24
    Patricia was very polite and help me schedule an appointment with a technician, I appreciate you Patricia!!!!Thank you for all your assistance again!Ruth Sharples
    Timothy HatchTimothy Hatch
    21:44 05 Feb 24
    Christopher TC WongChristopher TC Wong
    16:14 05 Feb 24
    Juan is very polite and very helpful. He is very thorough.
    Frank SmithFrank Smith
    16:51 03 Feb 24
    Lance and Rigo did a great job adding some insulation to our attic. Both were very professional and and friendly.
    Holly MerrillHolly Merrill
    22:43 01 Feb 24
    I am beyond excited about the level of service I received from Juan in the service area of Elevation! I am a realtor and my clients purchased a home that had Elevation solar BUT received no information on the system, warranty, or how to operate it! One call to Juan and he walked me through the steps to get them up and running. Just amazing service!
    Jack FetherstonJack Fetherston
    01:01 23 Jan 24
    It was an excellent experience with Elevation. the whole process from initial contact, scheduling the service, timely, and we received invoice and a detailed report with savings estimates, etc, ,,, via email the next day. Crew did a good job and cleaned up well.
    Celia RodriguezCelia Rodriguez
    20:48 29 Dec 23
    Exceptional service. Not only were they incredibly helpful, but their explanations were thorough and easy to understand. I specifically dealt with Mr. Joes Forrest who has been of absolutely great help in this process! What really stood out was their remarkable responsiveness—every query was met with a prompt and efficient reply. I highly recommend Elevation Solar for anyone seeking a reliable and efficient service that truly values their customers' time and needs.
    Lawrence TamLawrence Tam
    19:56 26 Sep 23
    We purchased the solar system via EnergyPal, and Elevation is responsible for execution and installation. The entire process took around 6 months. Overall the execution is smooth, especially I am assigned a concierge, Antonio, who knows my installation timeline and parameters. He also helped with resolving communication gaps among various internal Elevation teams. The installation process had one minor problem with the electrician installing the ground wires incorrectly which are flagged by the inspector; issue was corrected in one week. The system is producing electricity as expected. The entire process can be explained to any customers better with more details like the activation process with Enphase. Again, Antonio helped me get the right information. The biggest miss is that no one has informed me about consumption monitoring is an extra cost, although the consumption monitoring device comes with the parts box. The installer told me to throw this part away as he claimed “this part is not used” but failed to explain that it is needed for monitoring. After about a month of back and forth, the device was installed yesterday and now reporting energy consumption and production properly.The mounting quality could also be better. They claim the panels could not be centered on the roof due to rafter locations. However solar panels in my neighborhood are always centered on the roofs and not look misaligned. Also on every panel group, the mounting hardware sticks out by about 2 inches from the panels creating a blinding shiny light sources on the roof on sunny days. Again, I don’t see the same problem on other solar installations in the neighborhood.Overall, five star service from Antonio but cutting out 2 stars due to the other issues mentioned above.
    Travis WinstonTravis Winston
    01:56 12 Oct 22
    Overall, we had an amazing experience with elevation solar!! Our salesman was very knowledgeable about the product and was honest and upfront about the system. I received nine quotes from different companies before selecting Elevation Solar. They had the best price. Many companies provided false information to try to get me to sign up. They were on time for all their appointments and completed the project in a timely manner. I have had my system for over two years now and no problems. I recommended a friend and they had a great experience as well. If I had to do it all over again, I would use them..

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    The Elevated Home.

    Elevation takes a whole-home approach to energy. The result? A smarter, more efficient, Energy Star-certified home that is equipped for the future.

    Solar Energy for Your Home.

    Generate renewable energy from the sun with premium solar panels with full-coverage warranties to ensure your investment is protected.

    A More Efficient Home.

    Seal and insulate your home for a more comfortable and controlled temperature year round. Elevation’s energy efficiency package comes with a Energy Star certification and an appraisal addendum for increased home value.

    Home Energy Monitoring.

    Powerful real-time data gives you unprecedented insights into how your home uses energy. Curb’s energy monitor captures breaker-level data and displays usage so you can see what’s on, how much energy you’re using, and make decisions to save.