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A Home Energy Efficiency Audit Can Provide You Comfort And Savings

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A Home Energy Efficiency Audit Can Provide You Comfort And Savings

Here at Elevation, we help homeowners change the way they think and use energy to live more comfortably, improve our environment, and save money. We understand that changing how we think can be difficult. These are three key ways that our thinking needs to change:

1) Shift our energy perspective — the worst thing we can possibly do to power our homes is what most of us did yesterday. Reliance on the grid is financially, practically, environmentally, technologically, and geopolitically unsound. Elevation offers a sustainable alternative: the Elevated Home.

2) We shouldn’t just focus on energy production — the cheapest and cleanest energy is the energy we never consume. Reducing energy waste is crucial — and with Elevation it’s easy.

3) The solution to evolving, long-term challenges is always a relationship and not a transaction. Buying a solar system is no more of a complete solution to our home’s energy needs than a pill is the sole answer to our personal health and longevity. Elevation’s energy monitoring and optimization platform supports our home’s long-term relationship with energy.

On a national average, individuals spend close to 10% of their monthly income on utility costs. While rates fluctuate, trends over the last 10 years show that utility rates continue to increase each year. As this continues, power bills will continue to remain one of a family’s biggest expenses.

Additionally, complex electricity rate plans and time-of-use rules are difficult to understand and follow. Here at Elevation, we help homeowners take advantage of technology, home efficiency services, and ongoing monitoring in order to live more comfortably, and for less than they currently pay. With energy efficiency improvements, smart home monitoring, utility rate plans and incentives, and customized solar solutions, families can start to feel these savings almost immediately.

There are several inexpensive things you can do each month to easily cut costs and save energy in your home. Other energy efficiency improvements may cost a little bit more upfront but will save you money in the long run. The cheapest and cleanest energy is the energy you don’t use, so it’s better to fix energy inefficiencies in the home before investing in expensive products. The more efficient your home is, the better added technology and products will work in your favor. That’s where the real savings are.

It all starts with an energy efficiency audit. An energy auditor will come into your home to do real-time testing to see where your doors, walls, windows, and appliances are not efficient. They can pinpoint areas where expensive energy is leaking, perform thermal testing for warm and cold areas, and help give suggestions to remedy these issues in an Energy Efficiency Report. Under certain home insurance policies or warranties, some of these improvements are covered. The recent passing of the IRA provides homeowners the opportunity to take advantage of home energy efficiency improvements with diverse incentives that can help cut costs. The previous $500 tax credit limit has now been increased to $1,200. This credit has been expanded to cover costs of stoves, electric panels, windows, doors, and energy audits. A home energy audit will help you know what can be done to start benefiting from utility savings.

Home energy audits are powerful tools for boosting energy efficiency because they prevent you from wasting precious time — and money — addressing the wrong problems. You might think that incandescent bulbs drain the most electricity in the home, but the worst energy hog could actually be the pool pump cycling too frequently. You can also receive insight into smaller, lesser common issues that you may have never noticed. The fridge in your garage, for example, uses electricity even when it’s empty and many home appliances continue to consume energy even when not in use. An audit will report this. In short, the data gleaned from an audit is invaluable for whole-home energy solutions.

Making the right changes in your home energy use can save you up to 30% on your energy bills, increase your comfort, and help increase the efficiency of your whole-home solutions. Contact us today to schedule your energy audit.

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