On a Mission to Improve
How We Use Energy In Our Home.

Our Story

Elevation started with a common problem: high energy bills. Our founders, Jerry Coleman and Brian Bair, invested in real estate through two fast-growing businesses, OfferPad and Invitation Homes, companies that bought a large number of single family homes. As those companies grew, their energy costs grew with them and they quickly found themselves with very high energy bills, most often their highest expense after the mortgage.

Brian and Jerry set out to learn what was driving up the costs and excessive energy usage, and how they could make their homes more energy efficient, and Elevation was born.

The business began with rooftop solar, but quickly expanded to include energy efficiency when they discovered that in order to create an energy efficient home, they need to not only produce new, clean energy, but also reduce the amount of energy consumed.

In 2020, Elevation acquired Curb Energy to add smart energy monitoring technology to its Whole Home solution. The unique combination of solar, energy efficiency, and energy monitoring technology now provides homeowners with the most complete solution for smarter home energy.

More Savings Means More Impact.

The largest generator of carbon emissions are the fossil fuels used to generate electricity. At Elevation, we believe we all have a responsibility to use our electricity wisely. That’s why we go beyond solar to create an Elevated Home.

An Elevated Home not only produces new, clean energy, but it is smarter too: reducing the overall energy needed. As a result, our Elevated Homes have a smaller environmental footprint through lower carbon usage.

In just one year, Elevation’s customers helped to avoid 128,738 tons of CO2 or the equivalent of: 

  • 43.8 tons

    of waste recycled instead of landfilled

  • 28 vehicles

    not driven

  • 14m gallons

    of gasoline not used

Source: EPA GreenHOUSE GAS Equivalencies Calculator
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