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A Whole-Home Approach To Energy.

Elevation takes a whole-home approach to energy. Before you begin to produce new energy with solar, we conduct an energy efficiency audit to seal your home for comfort and savings, so you reduce your energy first. Your investment is then secured with our patented Curb energy monitoring technology so you know how your new energy is being used.

The result? A smarter, cleaner, Energy Star-certified home that is equipped for the future.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What are the benefits of a whole-home solution?

A fully Elevated Home equips your home for the future. It not only produces new, clean energy, but it is smarter too: reducing the overall energy needed.

How does Curb work with my solar system?

Curb monitors everything going on inside your home as well as your solar system. Curb shows you where your energy is being used and how much is being generated, in real time and for less money than traditional solar monitoring systems.

Why should I get energy efficiency work done on my home along with solar?

An energy efficiency audit can help find out where your home is leaking energy and eliminate that loss for fast savings. Energy efficient homes need 2-5 less panels, which can result in $1,000s less on your total system price.

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“Switching to Solar Energy is one of the best decisions I have ever made. The idea of contributing to my community is priceless.”

Kimberly S.,

"As solar technology and our own energy needs develop over time, I am confident that we can count on Elevation to be there and assist us."

Aaron P.,

"It was the right decision, both environmentally and economically."

Ted L.,
Solar Energy Makes a Difference.

The largest generator of carbon emissions are the fossil fuels used to generate electricity. One year of solar on your home is the equivalent of 15.6 tons of CO2 avoided or:

  • 14.9 tons

    of waste recycled instead of landfilled

  • 3.1 vehicles

    not driven

  • 1,605 gallons

    of gasoline not used

Source: EPA Household Carbon Footprint Calculator based on kWH generation from an average Elevation household.