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Elevation Announces Expanded Services

Elevation Announces Expanded Services

February 16, 2021 — Elevation Home Energy Solutions (EHES), formerly Elevation Solar, today announced the company’s new name along with an expanded customer focus and internal development of talent and technology. The new name aligns closely with the company’s mission of “Elevating the Home Energy Experience™” for residential customers, and with its expanded focus on providing innovative, foundational technology for a new energy economy focused on enhancing opportunities for customers with energy efficiency and using clean, reliable energy.

EHES will continue the commitment established by Elevation Solar to make switching to solar simple, and will carry its customer-centric approach to new services for utility and enterprise clients. This expanded scope allows the company to contribute solutions to help address the urgent issue of climate change by applying its integrated energy solutions on a broader scale.

“This shift represents the company’s evolution from a leading residential solar provider to a broad energy solutions provider that is addressing the diverse needs of utilities, enterprises and institutional property owners and operators,” said Greg Fasullo, CEO of Elevation Home Energy Solutions.

Impacts to large-scale enterprises, such as single-family residential operators, have the potential to be particularly significant. Elevation’s technology solutions will allow operators to realize significant savings by lowering energy costs across the board, while offering residents more control over energy use. As an added benefit, the EHES platform will help partners meet or exceed their environmental and sustainability objectives.

Additionally, the company announced that Erik Norwood has been promoted to Chief Technology Officer and Clayton Andersen has been appointed as President of the Solutions division. Norwood brings over a decade of experience as a former solar executive and Boeing rocket scientist, with a reputation for building products that push the boundaries of technology and successfully bringing them to market. Andersen has deep financial expertise and has served in leadership roles at Elevation since 2015, working to create innovative paths for clean energy development that will benefit customers, utilities, and the environment.

“Elevation will give customers more control over their energy use, and help our utility partners make the grid more responsive and resilient while embracing clean energy technologies to reduce their overall carbon footprint. Erik and Clayton have the experience and talent to translate our vision for the future into reality. I am inspired every day by our mission and our stellar team,” said Fasullo.

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