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How Energy Tech Is Revolutionizing Our Homes

How Energy Tech Is Revolutionizing Our Homes

Energy technology is spreading exponentially. In fact, you may be using energy tech without even realizing it. From smart thermostats to smart light bulbs, technology that connects to the energy we use has permeated our daily lives. Today, smart energy tech has enabled us to automate lights, turn on and off appliances, and even control the thermostat, from the convenience of our phones.

Now, energy tech is going a step further. Technology, like Curb, is connecting the energy we use in our homes with real-time data to help us make smarter energy decisions, saving money and helping the environment along the way.

Bring Our Homes Up to Speed with Energy Tech

Energy monitoring is not new. Our cars already have this built in. For example, when we drive, the gauges on the dashboard track the gas used and the efficiency, or miles per gallon, the car is achieving. A check-engine light signals anything that might have gone awry. Yet, that same kind of energy monitoring isn’t readily available in our largest asset: the home. Why wouldn’t we want the same fact-based way to measure how our home is using energy?

Today, it’s hard to tell what may be driving up energy costs when bills come months after the energy was used. We have no signals that let us know if a major appliance may have an issue. That’s where energy monitoring and management can really change the game. They can:

  1. Identify the biggest energy users in the home.
  2. Help shift energy usage to times when energy is cheaper.
  3. Automate energy savings with habits and smart home tech.

The home is where we use the most energy. In fact, it’s the second-highest monthly expense after the mortgage for most homeowners. And with the unreliability of energy grids and rising utility costs, we all need a hand in keeping our energy use lower.

Energy monitoring technology, like Curb from Elevation, offers real-time information so we can make smarter choices about how we’re using energy in our homes. Curb’s hardware tracks real-time energy usage and displays it in a mobile app, web app, and in weekly email reports so you can use the data to improve your home. Curb can help:

  1. Discover vampire devices that suck energy even when they are not being used.
  2. Provide real-time notifications of energy use so you can make adjustments to stay within an energy budget.
  3. Spot potential problems, such as a malfunctioning HVAC unit that is signaling its end of life with a sudden spike in energy use.
  4. Optimize solar and electric vehicle investments by managing energy usage.

By knowing what’s happening within our homes, we can better manage energy costs. And using energy tech can also incentivize us to push the savings higher. After all, the cheapest energy is the energy we do not use.

Join the Smart Home Revolution

The real value of Curb is connection — seeing what’s happening in your home and using that information to make your home more efficient.

In today’s age, no one knows when the next disaster will strike. And none of us want to endure another series of rolling blackouts. By taking the simple step of retrofitting your home with Curb, you can be part of the solution and the revolution.

Connect with Elevation to get started with Curb today.

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