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How The Curb Energy Monitor Works

How The Curb Energy Monitor Works

As the first whole home energy intelligence system, Curb makes your home as smart as your phone, as tech-advanced as your car, and as connected as your mobile devices. Here’s how it works. 

What is Curb?

Curb is a comprehensive household energy monitoring system. Home energy monitors (HEM) are Wi-Fi enabled devices that are installed in a home’s electrical panel. Some HEMs show a whole-house snapshot of energy usage, while others — like Curb — offer real-time data on how each appliance and every device in the home uses energy.

How is Curb installed?

The Curb system monitors the home by using hardware sensors that connect to the electrical panel. This is the central hub that routes electricity to your home’s appliances and various devices. A sensor is installed on each breaker in the electrical panel. These sensors then monitor energy usage in the home and communicate with Curb’s software to provide you with charts, graphs, and visual overviews of your home’s energy usage — real-time data on trends, activity, even cost.

What energy insights does Curb collect?

Because Curb is plugged into the nervous system of your home, the information it’s capturing is detailed to the granular level. It knows which appliances are turned on and when. It tracks how much power they’re using. It estimates the cost of a given device’s energy usage. And it helps identify abnormal patterns of use, which could indicate potential issues with an appliance or can alert you to when an appliance or lights are accidently left on.

How does Curb help homes become more energy efficient?

Knowledge is power — or in this case, a power-saver. As Curb processes the electrical usage data of your home, it shares it with you in real time via Curb’s mobile app. The app pushes personalized and timely notifications, arming you with tailored information that helps inform your future energy usage habits. You can use the app to see how much you’re spending on electricity at any moment, connect to smart home devices to remotely turn things off or on, and receive electricity safety alerts. Curb also sends weekly emails that not only report your power usage but that also identify changes in your energy consumption from week to week. The emails even include tips and suggestions that are specific to your home and help you conserve energy — and cut costs — the following week.

Discover For Yourself How Curb Works

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