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Learn More With The New Curb App

Learn More With The New Curb App

At Elevation, we are consistently working to make energy more simple. Understanding how energy and power work in the home can be complicated. Curb, our smart monitoring system, was created so that tracking energy in real time is straightforward. With simplicity in mind, we are excited to announce the launch of our new Curb app.  Our teams have worked diligently to create an app that is easy to understand and provides customers with powerful information to simplify energy consumption. Here are some highlights to look forward to as the update is launched.


The new Energy Score provides customers with an intuitive way to understand how their energy consumption changes each day. Each day, a score will be given that represents how efficient their energy usage was during the prior day. The score ranges from 0-100, with 50 being the average; as energy consumption decreases, the Energy Score increases.

We understand that each home and its energy consumption is as unique as the individuals in the home; with this in mind, we have created a system that analyzes home energy consumption on an individual basis. A baseline is built by analyzing past energy consumption that sets an average and range for the score of  each home.

A change in behavior like adjusting thermostats and turning off lights will impact energy consumption and improve the daily energy score.

Note: During the baselining period, customers will see a “calibrating” screen as the system collects data.


Our mission is to simplify energy for our customers. In addition to providing an Energy Score, we want to provide simple yet effective ways for homeowners to decrease their consumption and improve their score. The “Messages” tab gives us this opportunity to provide useful tips. It  also provides a location to find any alerts or notifications they may receive.


In addition to a new Energy Score and energy-saving tips, our team created straightforward  charts that are easier to understand. The charts provide information that can help the customer understand their energy consumption holistically, breaking down what energy was consumed from the grid versus solar production, and the financial costs or savings of that energy consumption compared to solar production.

We are here to simplify your home’s energy. Contact us to learn how you can start saving today.

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