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Pump Up Your Energy Savings This Summer

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Pump Up Your Energy Savings This Summer

“Here comes the sun”…and the summer heat. Is your rising energy bill making you sweat? We’ve rounded up three ways to maximize your energy savings this season. Now you can spend more time relaxing with friends and family, instead of letting energy inefficiencies drain your wallet.

1. Pool Pumps

Did you know that 16% of American homes have pools? That’s more than 10 million above and below ground pools, with tens of thousands more built every year. Pool pumps use a lot of electricity to keep your pool clean. And while scheduling your pool pump to run at night will save you from multiple loads and high demand running during the day, the standard pool pump working with no issues will cost you more than $450 in electricity each year. Switching to an ENERGY STAR-certified pump with variable speeds can cut your current pump’s energy use by over 80% and save you hundreds of dollars each year. Many utility companies in states, including Arizona, Texas, Colorado, California, and Florida, offer up to $300 in incentives to make the switch to an energy-efficient pump. Let one of our professional Elevation energy technicians help you make the switch today.

2. Air Conditioning & Heating

Your air conditioning/heat unit(s) can account for almost 10% of your home’s total electricity usage. The cold air from your AC and the hot air from your furnace run through the same system. Households with central air conditioning consist of many moving parts, and as such, many units go on running with inefficient or malfunctioning parts. Yearly tune-ups and a cleaning schedule are essential to maintain the overall health of your system. Investing in an energy-efficient system has the potential to save you money year after year. But without proper maintenance, these systems will burnout and require costly repairs.

There are a handful of maintenance steps you can do yourself for FREE to keep your unit in tip-top shape. There is an extensive list of DIY techniques and tips on AC Repair and troubleshooting. But if this is your first time or you are not sure how to safely navigate your AC unit, please seek help from a professional. In addition to servicing your unit, a smart monitor can ensure your unit is running as effectively as it should be. Elevation Smart Monitoring has been able to detect refrigerant leaks in air conditioning units that were causing the unit to overwork and use excess energy. In one home, a leak was detected and fixed using Elevation Smart Monitoring, along with other inefficiencies. These fixes have saved that family close to $1,000 each month.

3. More Savings with Data

Whether or not you realize it, your electric bill is higher than it could be with just a few smart moves to energy efficiency. But energy efficiency can encompass so many things. All your hard work, maintenance, and EE upgrades could cost you unnecessary costs if you don’t know where your energy is leaking. Smart home technology can help you find exactly where your energy inefficiencies lie and which rooms and appliances are causing your electric bill to skyrocket, giving you the data and power to make cost-altering changes.

Pump up your summer savings and ELEVATE your home energy experience today! Let Elevation install your energy-efficient variable speed pool pump or perform a Certified Energy Audit.

If you’d like to learn if a home monitor is right for you and see how much you can save, contact us today!

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