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Why Solar Energy Is Not One-Size-Fits-All

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Why Solar Energy Is Not One-Size-Fits-All

Every Single Home Is Different.
Especially When It Comes To Energy Use.

Not just the design of the home or the floorplan, but the geographic location – with variables such as weather, climate and elevation – the type of roof, amount of shade and even the direction it faces all make a difference in determining the amount of energy a home needs. Everything that makes a house feel like home to you, whether you own or rent, is what makes it unique from an energy standpoint.

So Why Should an Energy Solution Be One-Size-Fits-All?

The truth is there is no simple, universal solution for maximizing energy savings inside a home. A generic home energy management plan may help save some money, but it likely won’t save as much as it should simply because it will overlook many of the nuances of an individual’s home. Sometimes it can actually lead to higher bills because the energy audit overlooked critical details of the home that a cookie cutter approach doesn’t account for.

More Than Anything, This Is What Sets Elevation Apart.

Our energy audits are tailored specifically to each home, so much so that no two end up being exactly the same. We offer the most comprehensive, inclusive energy system evaluation on the market.

We examine every aspect of each home, down to the smallest feature, to walk residents through how to get the most out of it while saving the most money possible. We take a customer-first approach, reviewing recent utility usage and fees, surveying each home and property and explaining all the latest regulations, tax incentives, and city ordinances. We will go over the best utility rate plans available, and even work directly with utility companies to get homeowners and renters the most bang for the energy dollar.

Elevated Homes Create Value for the Customer and the Environment.

As a member of the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program and a BPI GoldStar Contractor, Elevation energy management systems help residents view energy consumption and production in real-time. We integrate the latest technology in energy efficiency into the home based on the results of the evaluation.

This provides residents key benefits, including:

  • The ability to manage the amount of electricity consumed by appliances, HVAC and lighting.
  • Lowering bills without changing their way of life.
  • Increased property value by making homes more environmentally friendly.
  • Residents of Elevated Homes can easily manage energy use with just a smartphone.

The World is Moving Rapidly Towards a More Sustainable, Carbon-Free Future, and We’re Part of the Solution.

Understanding and leveraging energy efficiency is important for all of us, from those who work from a home office, to families who continue to use the kitchen table as a virtual classroom, to residents who are looking for better ways to manage expenses. Elevation has the knowledge and experience that will serve homeowners and renters well going forward. Elevation is not only proud to be a part of this evolution, but also proud to help families and businesses take advantage of the benefits and savings that come with it.

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